I really love and but the shit show they're pulling with is just sad:

- Game is released and full of bugs
- Servers are super unstable
- 2 weeks after release the game is almost 50% off! Fuck people who pre-ordered I guess?
- The $200 collector's edition comes with a cheap nylon bag instead of a high quality bag as advertised because the "material costs were higher than anticipated"??
- Compensation for people who bought the $200 edition is $5 of in-game currency

For real, somebody in the Bethesda Marketing team has to get their shit together.

This is already a PR disaster and the game isn't selling well anyway, at least don't fuck over the people who already bought the game - ESPECIALLY the people who spent $200 for it.

Don't get me wrong: has a lot of potential and the game itself (story, world) is amazing.

The game client is just unstable as are the servers. This game should not have been released so soon.

I praised the game in my B.E.T.A review


But right now I am concerned if this will run for long enough to properly enjoy it - let alone getting more content.


@kevin I informed myself very hard of Fallout 76. I saw all the interviews etc. And even Todd Howard had no fucking idea what they're want to create.

For me it was clear it couldn't work. But they continued they work on, like if they're stressed by the devil himself.

No NPCs? Sorry that means for me no relevant story at all... it just couldn't work as a Fallout title. And sorry they doesn't understand multiplayer at all.

What remains is a dead world, and with dead I mean empty, damn empty.

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