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I've written my first Rust library! πŸ¦€

It's called fakedata_generator and I just released v0.2.0 yesterday!

It's a small lib that can generate random strings for you, e.g. random cat breeds or random dinosaur names or (very limited) domain and e-Mail names.

It's in its early stages but can be used as is!


I'm unable to access the GitHub API from Rust using the code here

Anyone got any idea? I always get a 403 error back, but the same request with `curl` works just fine.

It's driving me mad!

I love that I got so many responses to my post about Rust match syntax ( πŸ‘‰

Thanks to everyone, I've learned a ton of stuff from all the responses. :blobheartcat:

Getting off Google services took me 2.5 years so far and I'm still not done.

Main google things are Android (with Google Pixel) and Google Wifi which I cannot replace because I don't have money to buy new hardware.

Google is so big it's extremely hard to avoid it, even more so for non-techy people.

Brody Dalle singing "Dressed in Dreams" in a room filled with colorful lights is my jam.

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@kevin for the sake of showing the match syntax, this is valid... but just so you know, it is possible to write that same thing in way less code:

Well we can even get rid of the variables and just do

return match ...

No joke I totally love for its match syntax.

Checking for three environment variables, returning the first match and returning a standard if none matched:

I'm having the biggest celeb crush on Brody Dalle. That voice. 😍

My website now uses a random color theme with some colors taken from @accessibleColors

There's a "Keep current color theme" in case you want to save the current theme and not have it random on each page load.

Quick technical write up πŸ‘‰

With a "Run on save" third-party extension you can run mktoc on every save which is _awesome_.

See instructions at

This bug is now fixed in version 2.2.0.

Update cli with

cargo install mktoc --force

A few months ago I thought to myself: "Why not build a Table of Content generator in Rust?" and I did it and I've been using it ever since almost daily.

Just now I found out that it completely breaks when the markdown file contains a Rust derive in a code block.

Building this tiny tool taught me a lot about parsing text and I'm really glad I did it the hard way without using any markdown crates.

Animal Crossing New Horizons looks sooooo good!

Wish I had the money to buy it now. Wish y'all lots of fun playing!

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In related news I'm trying to play Dishonored and Dishonored 2 without killing anyone on hardest difficulty.

Here's a funny bug: If you buy Dishonored Definite Edition from the German Playstation store and your PlayStation language is anything but German the game will be French.

I assume this is the default language since Arkane Studios is a French studio. There's no way to play the Definite Edition in any language but German and French.

I learned from it that everything in rust has a lifetime even if not specified explicitly.

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