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I've written my first Rust library! 🦀

It's called fakedata_generator and I just released v0.2.0 yesterday!

It's a small lib that can generate random strings for you, e.g. random cat breeds or random dinosaur names or (very limited) domain and e-Mail names.

It's in its early stages but can be used as is!


I keep thinking I'd like to be more active on Mastodon but somehow my life just isn't that interesting.

I'm working mostly or spending time with th family so... boring stuff? Maybe I should start blogging again but I fear I'll not keep it up, just as I can't keep any hobby up for a longer time it seems.

My employer was throwing out some old stuff and among the things was my old laptop which I could get for free.

It was never formatted so it still has my Windows and Ubuntu partitions and the Windows partition even has all my old games! 🎉😍

I just learned you can get a customized Apple Watch where you can choose watch size, band, and material and look there's a pride band option!

If I had 400$ to spend on a new watch you'd bet this would be it.

suggestion: 32-bit money

if you have over $4294967295, your balance overflows and you're back to zero.

Die #AfD attackiert das ZDF-Kinderfernsehen, weil ihnen ein Erklärvideo nicht passt. Wir sagen: Schluss mit der Einschüchterung - wir verbreiten den Clip jetzt erst recht. Bitte RT, damit ihn nun alle sehen! #Pressefreiheit


If you can.

Caption your images.

We got blind people on this here fediverse and they deserve to know the jokes too.

"Size of Space"

Interactive size comparison of various space objects.

Absolutely mind breaking how huge things are and how tiny we (humans, earth) are.

#psa You should probably stop using as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"

Please boost for exposure.

Has anyone played Divinity Original Sin 2 on Switch? I'm interested in the game and I think it could be good to play on the Switch but I'm worried about performance.

Every time I work with Let's Encrypt I get blocked from the API because I produce too many failed requests.

One day I'll remember to use the --dry-run flag.

PSA: Get your Two Factor Auth backup codes!

A few month ago I wiped my phone because I got a replacement one. In the process I deleted Google Authenticator which managed all my 2FA. Since I wasn't logged in to every service I've permanently lost access to some services.

Always get backup codes!

I also learned that young people tent to omit the "¿", especially when texting.

I guess over time it will die out which is sad, because IMO "¿" and "¡" are quite unique language features.

I'm learning Spanish again and wondered why there's the upside down question mark (¿) and my wife helped me understand:

In Spanish there's no difference between a question and a statement.

For example

Tú hablas inglés.
¿Tú hablas inglés?

The first sentence means "You speak English", the second is "Do you speak English?".

When writing, "¿" introduces the next part of the sentence as question.

Last week I went to a local wildlife park called "Fasanerie". Instead of photographing animals I took some photos of mushrooms. 🍄

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