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I made some more Mastodon headers using !

Feel free to use these as your profile header. <3

Zwei Männer erstatten Anzeige wegen angeblicher Werbung nach 219 a – einer will anonym bleiben. Er geht nun gegen diejenigen vor, die ihn in outen.

Has anyone ever signed-up to a newsletter through a big modal shown when entering or leaving a website? I heavily doubt it.

I am updating tonight. We might have a short downtime.

:bullgit: 🎉

"30 Jahre Weltklimarat - Präzise Erforschung des Klimawandels"

Sehr spannende Folge "Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt" von Deutschlandfunk zum Thema Klimawandel.

Copying videos from my PS4 took forever in the past so I got a new USB drive today.

Copying 1.5h of video footage took 30 minutes now! Last time I attempted to copy so much video data it shows an estimate of 65 hours!

+++Wichtig: Morgen, 13:30h, Potsdam, Demo gegen das Brandenburgische Polizeigesetz +++ #noPolGBbg

Fallout76, Gameplay, Gif, Blood Show more

Fallout76, Gameplay, Gif, Blood Show more

@Tutanota hey so I was writing an email to myself taking notes and when I wanted to sent it Tutanota (Android) crashed. The emails is gone now and hasn't been saved to drafts.

It's probably my mistakes to assume emails are saved while writing them in case of an error and removed from drafts once sent but that's what I've been used to over the past years from Gmail. :(

My SO's computer is about to bite the dust, so I'm going to do more commissions to help them out. I can do traditional copic work on 5x7 cards, traditional on Letter size paper or digital work of a variety of types. Direct Reply to this if you'd like one, and I can get started!

In case you missed it:

The Brave web browser is funded by venture capital and sells advertising space to replace the ads it blocks.

Here's their ad-sales site:

"funded by Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, DCG, Danhua Capital, and Huiyin Blockchain Venture among others."

You might want to consider other options if you still use #Brave.

#WebBrowsers #Privacy

(via @hypolite )

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