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You can subscribe to my blog using RSS ( or Atom (

I have no ads and no tracking on my website so please feel free to read from a feed reader - it doesn't hurt my income or anything.

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I've written my first Rust library! 🦀

It's called fakedata_generator and I just released v0.2.0 yesterday!

It's a small lib that can generate random strings for you, e.g. random cat breeds or random dinosaur names or (very limited) domain and e-Mail names.

It's in its early stages but can be used as is!


I blogged! 🥳

"Two Factor Auth, Password managers, and cloud sync"

How I manage my passwords across multiple devices - and how I've come to use auto generated passwords everywhere.

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You can subscribe to my blog using RSS ( or Atom (

I have no ads and no tracking on my website so please feel free to read from a feed reader - it doesn't hurt my income or anything.

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2 people are currently working on an #opensource federated #reddit alternative, called #lemmy.
They need some open source #developers to help them enable the federating function.. #activitypub

BOOST to help development...

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Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

I recently discovered "girl in red" and I really love her music!

Somewhat indie I guess, idk. Really like it tho and you can support her directly through bandcamp which is cool!

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From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

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January 20 2017: Alt-right leader and fascist Richard Spencer gets punched in the face at Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC. Happy Anniversary!

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Next time I buy new boots it'll be Solovair, the UK company that produced Doc Martens before the name was sold.

I would not recommend Vegan Doc Martens or Doc Martens generally.

I've had these for about a year (not worn constantly!) and the sole is already falling off.

For 185€ I'd have expected something that lasts longer.

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Ask for help when you need it. It sounds simple, but trying to handle everything without help causes stress and anxiety for a lot people.

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in tech:

there are lots of lefty folks who start companies! lots of folks who have good ideas and are generally agreeable! lots of folks who, at face value, are trustworthy

but google started with "don't be evil" and now they're Google

the capitalist machine eats the best of our intentions and platitudes from trustworthy sources become weak points for exploitation. the good people aren't enough to stop corrosion – and insisting on safeguards isn't distrust

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The meetup in Hamburg, HH.JS is looking for talks.

Have something cool to share? Submit your proposal here:

The next meetup date will be on February 13th, 2020.

Before you say I should use hyper or rocket or another framework: No. I need this to be incredibly simple and best would be no dependencies other than std lib.

This server only has one response and does only one thing.

I started writing a simple TCP server in Rust and I have a problem.

TCP listener must be bound using "TCPListener::bind()" with an IP and port but I don't know the docker IP at compile time. When I bind to I cannot access the server from outside the container.

Anyone got any idea? Preferably without any third party lib? One idea would be to have a start script that exposes the IP as env variable when the server is run, then bind to that.

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People who object to the blocking of gab with "but muh free speech" need to study up on Popper's tolerance paradox. In short, it states that if you tolerate everything, including intolerance, then the intolerance will eventually grow large enough to become dominant, and then it will shut down tolerance of others.

In other words - be tolerant, but do not tolerate intolerance.
#censorship #tolerance #philosophy #freespeech

I blogged some time ago about Archetypes in hugo!

They're super helpful to make creating new blog posts or pages simple and consistent.

Is there any way to know who's using your rust crates? The two crates I'm publishing have downloads and I wonder who's using them. 🤔

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