Is the "personal website" dead?

Some 10-15ish years ago a lot of people had websites and blogs where they'd just write about their lives and what they're up to but I feel this has been (entirely) replaced with social media and short messaging.

I miss it, I loved reading through blogs on a daily / weekly basis.

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@bedtimedrillsgt A bit, yes, but it's too fast and feels more hectic.

Some years ago I had 10-15 blogs I would visit and read alongside social media; Nowadays it's only social media and I feel like not many people write "simple" blogs anymore.

Then again, maybe it's just my social media bubble. :D

@kevin I still have one! It's nominally my author blog, but I use it to just write about life a lot.

I feel like some other people still do, too. They're harder to find now though for sure.

@hummingrain I think they're really hard to find.

I'm no exception, I tried to write weekly updates in 2017, but after 7-8 weeks I just lost focus and stopped altogether. :(

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