I've been looking for DSLR cameras and older, high-end Canon models (5D Mk2, 5D Mk3) are kind of cheap used. I've seen multiple with and without lenses ranging from 300-600€.

If I can find my way back into photography this year I'm considering getting one of those to replace my old Canon EOS 1000D. I've had the 1000D for about 13 years, which is way above its limit if you ask me. Its done a good job tho.


"The dream" of course would be a Leica, maybe M9 or M10, but they are so incredibly expensive that it makes absolutely no sense to buy them unless photography is your profession.

I think a 5D Mk2 is perfect for me.

The past weeks where I took more pictures I've felt really good.

Photography has always been a passion for me but I lost it over the past decade. I will rekindle that passion this year!

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