My wife, destroyer of phones and love of my life, has now completely destroyed her phone display.

She had a Huawei P9 lite and now we need to get the photos off of it, does anybody know how I can get the pictures off the phone without using HSuite?

The display is unusable and rearing the display would cost around 130€, which is 20€ more than the phone sells for on eBay.

@kevin My wife is also the destroyer of phones! I bought her a Galaxy S20 Ultra last month. Two weeks later, she cracked the screen and the middle section of the screen stopped working.
Had to pay Samsung ~£200 to get it fixed. :\

@mhamzahkhan wow £200 really is a lot!

I think we'll get a used phone or maybe my old OnePlus 2. Not really having the money to pay for the repair at the moment anyway. 🤷‍♀️

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