I'm looking for a new and I'm unsure what to get.

I want:
- long software support (at least 4ish years)
- good camera
- preferably not Android

I'm currently using a Pixel (first gen) and the camera is still super good but the phone is getting slower and feels bad overall.

Since I'd like to get away from Google the Pixel 4a is no option.

I'd be okay with switching to an iPhone but even older models are quite expensive.

Any ideas?

I've got an iPhone 7 from work but in direct comparison to the Pixel I'm using privately the camera is no match.

iPhone 8 and newer are all quite expensive, too.

iPhone SE2 would be interesting but it's also expensive and I don't want to get it with a 2 year contract or anything like that.

Did you get a phone yet? If the reason for avoiding Android is that you want to get away from Google, you could look into /e/. I've been using that since last year, I can recommend it.

@cosminh not yet, I've tried /e/ in the past in my Nexus 5 but wasn't too happy with it.

Maybe I'll give it another go!

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