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DIY face masks

Some of the masks I made and links to a video where you can learn how to make one - can be sewn by hand, no machine required!


Yesterday I got my first Exotic ship in ! 🚀

Now gotta fine a name for it. :blobthinking:

Well we can even get rid of the variables and just do

return match ...

No joke I totally love for its match syntax.

Checking for three environment variables, returning the first match and returning a standard if none matched:

I learned from it that everything in rust has a lifetime even if not specified explicitly.

I would not recommend Vegan Doc Martens or Doc Martens generally.

I've had these for about a year (not worn constantly!) and the sole is already falling off.

For 185€ I'd have expected something that lasts longer.

Is there any way to know who's using your rust crates? The two crates I'm publishing have downloads and I wonder who's using them. 🤔

I've build a little tool to get linux file permissions generated from either using a number input or writing them in a field (like rwxr-x-rw-), either input methods updates the other.

So if you want to know what 775 is written out, just enter 775 and the text format will update accordingly.

Code: github.com/kevingimbel/unix-pe

Live demo: kevingimbel.github.io/unix-per

Now this is just real asshole design:

When deciding what cookies to allow, the BIG YELLOW main-action button actually allows all cookies, and the white button left to it allows the selected cookies.

Fuck you 1&1, what a cheap trick.

I was looking for a German version of "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin because the English version is hard to understand IMO and I found this version with an astonishingly beautiful cover!

I just learned you can get a customized Apple Watch where you can choose watch size, band, and material and look there's a pride band option!

If I had 400$ to spend on a new watch you'd bet this would be it.

I'm a huge fan of little random facts in app UIs, for example PocketCast telling me how many skin cells I've shed in the time I've listened to podcasts.

I never know if I'm just really bad at or this is just how things work. 🤷‍♀️

🤔 🦀

Super interesting article regarding the first ever image of a and how it was done with an array of telescopes located around the world.

"First images of a black hole unveiled by astronomers in landmark discovery"


Image courtesy of Akiyama et al and ApJL via physics world.

That's a first for me: AWS cannot launch my instance in eu-central-1a because they don't have the capacity.

I think one of my personal favorite pixel art pieces I've ever done is the self portrait for the pixel_dailies yearbook on twitter.


15 minute because I want to get back into pixel art.

First 7 minutes I was doing something else, then ran out of time. I'll try to do these daily (or bi-daily) now because Pixel Art is a thing I really like (and need practice with!)

When you use a vim command from memory and it works on the first try.

I've been working at Synoa for 5 years now and as a celebration I was surprised with some fancy donuts and candles today!

It's the small things! Looking forward to the next 5 years. 😁

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