Super interesting article regarding the first ever image of a and how it was done with an array of telescopes located around the world.

"First images of a black hole unveiled by astronomers in landmark discovery"

Image courtesy of Akiyama et al and ApJL via physics world.

That's a first for me: AWS cannot launch my instance in eu-central-1a because they don't have the capacity.

I think one of my personal favorite pixel art pieces I've ever done is the self portrait for the pixel_dailies yearbook on twitter.


15 minute because I want to get back into pixel art.

First 7 minutes I was doing something else, then ran out of time. I'll try to do these daily (or bi-daily) now because Pixel Art is a thing I really like (and need practice with!)

I've been working at Synoa for 5 years now and as a celebration I was surprised with some fancy donuts and candles today!

It's the small things! Looking forward to the next 5 years. 😁

PSA: With v2.7.0 a new feature was introduced: The explore page which can be found at

If you want your account to be listed here go to and activate "List this account on the directory".

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