Has anyone played Divinity Original Sin 2 on Switch? I'm interested in the game and I think it could be good to play on the Switch but I'm worried about performance.

Every time I work with Let's Encrypt I get blocked from the API because I produce too many failed requests.

One day I'll remember to use the --dry-run flag.

PSA: Get your Two Factor Auth backup codes!

A few month ago I wiped my phone because I got a replacement one. In the process I deleted Google Authenticator which managed all my 2FA. Since I wasn't logged in to every service I've permanently lost access to some services.

Always get backup codes!

I also learned that young people tent to omit the "ΒΏ", especially when texting.

I guess over time it will die out which is sad, because IMO "ΒΏ" and "Β‘" are quite unique language features.

I'm learning Spanish again and wondered why there's the upside down question mark (ΒΏ) and my wife helped me understand:

In Spanish there's no difference between a question and a statement.

For example

TΓΊ hablas inglΓ©s.
ΒΏTΓΊ hablas inglΓ©s?

The first sentence means "You speak English", the second is "Do you speak English?".

When writing, "ΒΏ" introduces the next part of the sentence as question.

Last week I went to a local wildlife park called "Fasanerie". Instead of photographing animals I took some photos of mushrooms. πŸ„


I'm a huge fan of little random facts in app UIs, for example PocketCast telling me how many skin cells I've shed in the time I've listened to podcasts.

A whole bunch of my recent photography is now up on sophia.pictures - I don't really have a particular focus or direction at the moment, duck appreciation aside, but that's likely to change with fall coming in and the forest changing colour. There's a bit of a back catalogue on there too 😊

One of the reasons I love Wikipedia is articles like "List of superlative trees".

I absolutely love that people took the time to compile a list of extreme trees.


gog galaxy 2.0 beta thoughts 

gog galaxy 2.0 beta thoughts 

Sexy plague doctor 

regexcrossword.com/ # Regex based crossword puzzle. It's good fun practice and keeps you sharp. Plus you can tell your boss it's professional development time. But seriously, try to get some real work done today too. Thanks @scott_orr

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