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Service is not going to be discontinued just yet. I'll try and run this instance for as long as I can, I just need to optimize my "servers" a bit more.

I'm paying roughly 30-35€ a month in AWS costs for this server and an smaller one (running Nextcloud) and it is too much for me alone.

So I'll have to scale down a bit and see if Mastodon still runs okay. Any tips on running Mastodon on small EC2 instances or DO droplets welcome!

⚠️ for everyone on this instance:

I will update to the latest Mastodon release tomorrow and downgrade the server it is running on.

Super interesting article regarding the first ever image of a and how it was done with an array of telescopes located around the world.

"First images of a black hole unveiled by astronomers in landmark discovery"

Image courtesy of Akiyama et al and ApJL via physics world.

I started playing and I'm absolutely in love! If you can afford a game for $40 and like hard difficulty survival RPGs you should definitely get it!

That's a first for me: AWS cannot launch my instance in eu-central-1a because they don't have the capacity.

The production quality of the video blows my mind. Maybe I'm just super out of the loop, but I haven't seen such a high quality music video in ages.

The new song and video are amazing.

SO excited for the new Album coming May 17th!

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Despite being a super small instance, we had 17GB of media data stored.

I just removed the (old) remote media with "tootctl media remove" to make some space and we're down to 4GB.

Remember to remove your remote data from time to time .s!

At least it is now running in the right region. That's a thing I really dislike about AWS: It's super easy to be in the wrong region, especially since the only indication is text in the top right corner of the Backend.

I just realized that my Lambda function to schedule an EC2 instance is running in the wrong region and has never scheduled anything.

So I basically wasted money for the past months. :<

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A few weeks ago:
“Hey, we at Facebook taking privacy serious now.”

“Facebook saved millions of passwords in plain text”

Just quit.

#facebook #security

Me: I want to save money, I should not buy any new games.


When I was learning Go it helped me a lot to use an IDE with code completion, auto-formatting, linting etc.

I used GoLand a lot when it was in beta. Sadly I do too little Go to justify buying it now.

TIL: There's a plugin for !

Finally I'll get all the sweet IDE features when writing rust. :3

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I really wish people would stop using, it's unusable with all their banners and popups and engagement stuff.

That's not how you'll get me to use medium every again.

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