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I've written my first Rust library! 🦀

It's called fakedata_generator and I just released v0.2.0 yesterday!

It's a small lib that can generate random strings for you, e.g. random cat breeds or random dinosaur names or (very limited) domain and e-Mail names.

It's in its early stages but can be used as is!


I really like that Masto notifies you of the polls you had voted in and shows you the results

If you're into and the Cyberpunk Universe (e.g. Cyberpunk 2077) "Madqueen Show" on YouTube has tons of videos discussing the lore of the Cyberpunk world.

With v2.8.0 you can now create polls!

Will we see a lot of shit posts with polls?

Aaaand we're back up and running! 💚 now runs Mastodon v2.8.0 and the server and database were migrated from to (a Germany based hoster).

Images are still served from AWS S3 as of now.

Was in a bad mood and The Wombats came up in a playlist on Spotify which increases my mood by a billion times. 🎉 🎸

For a limited time (until April 25th) you can get Assassin's Creed Unity for free on PC and are encouraged to donate to the Notre Dame rebuilding (or any other good cause, really).

Grab your free copy over at

Anyone got expierience with Hetzner Cloud? They're quite cheap and the first impression is pretty good!

I started playing and now see all the things "borrowed" from Overwatch.

It really is a lot of stuff.

Bin auf der Suche nach Frauen die Fotografie betreiben. Seid ihr selber eine oder kennt ihr jemanden? Dann gerne her damit!

Service is not going to be discontinued just yet. I'll try and run this instance for as long as I can, I just need to optimize my "servers" a bit more.

I'm paying roughly 30-35€ a month in AWS costs for this server and an smaller one (running Nextcloud) and it is too much for me alone.

So I'll have to scale down a bit and see if Mastodon still runs okay. Any tips on running Mastodon on small EC2 instances or DO droplets welcome!

⚠️ for everyone on this instance:

I will update to the latest Mastodon release tomorrow and downgrade the server it is running on.

Super interesting article regarding the first ever image of a and how it was done with an array of telescopes located around the world.

"First images of a black hole unveiled by astronomers in landmark discovery"

Image courtesy of Akiyama et al and ApJL via physics world.

I started playing and I'm absolutely in love! If you can afford a game for $40 and like hard difficulty survival RPGs you should definitely get it!

That's a first for me: AWS cannot launch my instance in eu-central-1a because they don't have the capacity.

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