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The problem with my first solid perfume is that it just doesn't smell good and doesn't smell long enough. It's made of Thyme and Grapefruit and the grapefruit is gone within 10 minutes and the thyme-ish scent lasts only about an hour.

Making solid perfume is surprisingly easy, but extracting essentials oils from plants needs a bigger setup and I fear my wife will divorce me if I start setting up an "essential oil lab". :D

Me, three weeks ago: I wonder if I can make my own solid perfume.

Me, two weeks ago: Wow this was rather easy, gotta refine it a bit so it lasts longer

Me, today: I wonder if I can produce my own essential oils to use in my perfume. 🤔

I'm a big fan of Ansible (as of now) but it is so weird. Thankfully they have a good documentation so you can at least find out how every module works.

Ansible "grammar" is so weird.

- "become: true" means you want to execute stuff as super user (root)

- "creates: /some/file.txt" means "do not execute if file exists"

- when creating a cron, "env:yes" tells ansible to add the "job" as an environment variable into crontab


Netflix productions have lost so much quality I'm 100% sure all their movies are written by an AI that's trained from likes.

TIL: Nginx must be reloaded when Let's Encrypt certificates change.

Anyway, we're back up! 🔒 🌐

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Thwart nazi efforts on the play store 

If you're using for you should upgrade and/or remove it as soon as possible.

There's a 0-day which is quite serious and Zoom tries to downplay it like it's just an everyday UX thing. They basically have a server running on your Mac that can interact with the This server keeps running even if Zoom is uninstalled and most be removed by-hand.

I've been playing a lot of lately, the new battle royale style mode and I must say that I've grown to love it! It's really fun, bit slow paced (from lobby to match) but a good start and a fun addition to the game.

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Update Firefox as soon as possible (to 67.0.3), there's a 0-day going around:

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What's your favourite thing about online multiplayer games?

Hearing people's private conversations because they don't know their mic is on?


hearing people breath heavily because they don't know their mic is on?

🆙 📅 is now running the latest version of Mastodon, v2.9.0

This release brings a new layout: Single-column layout, which is the new default for new users!

Blog Post:

Release Notes:

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It's a shame that the female vocal version of "Semi Sacred Geometry" is not part of the OST Album.

Prey OST - Semi Sacred Geometry 🛰 👩‍🚀

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I'd like to announce the first release of cacache for Rust!

cacache is an implementation of a content-addressable disk cache. It's fast, secure, concurrency-safe, and is also the cache for npm! The Rust version is fully compatible with the original!

Hearing your own voice in a recording like... what the fuck?

Gosh, I hate my own voice so much!

Still wondering if it is worth investing time into, e.g. if I build a web app would I build it in Rust + Wasm or just go with standard JS (React, Vue)?

Rust + wasm sure brings some structure to it.

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