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Die rechtsextremen Brandstifter werden sagen, es handele sich um einen "geistig verwirrten Einzeltäter". Tut ihnen nicht den Gefallen, diese Erzählung zu übernehmen. Sie wollen nicht, dass wir darüber sprechen, welchen Einfluss rechtsextreme Hetze auf Radikalisierung hat. #Hanau

Some time ago someone on Mastodon said Bandcamp is how the internet should work: DRM free content for money, with artists receiving a fair share.

I agree with that, and I like Bandcamp a lot; I just found their fair-trade statement which also states

"Fans have paid artists and independent labels US$460 million using Bandcamp, and US$8.7 million in the past 30 days alone."

US$8.7 alone in the last 30 days. I didn't expect that!

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Which relationship model suites you best? If possible, please select one of the following models. If none of the options is suitable for you, please leave a comment.

It is not important whether you live the relationship model at the moment or not.

The book is really interesting so far and fully backed by facts (lots of foot notes!).

I'm only 1/3 in but so far I'd recommend it.

I'm reading a book called "Utopia for Realists" and there's a chapter on basic income and how the common misconception is "nobody would work if there was basic income".

Honestly, if I would get a basic income and _could_ work extra I would, but I'd also like to change how I work. Maybe 3 days company and 2 days open source / fun stuff.

Working not for money but for the work itself is something so so so valuable. I never appreciated it when I was in a situation where I worked for the work alone

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Today it was just npm, but a few months ago Cloudflare managed to disrupt access to most of their customers (which is a significant portion of sites and services on the Internet) due to a bug.

Bugs happen, that's not a problem. The problem is one bug at one company caused that level of disruption.

The old truism of "the Internet routes around damaged networks" doesn't hold anymore. That needs fixing.

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Some other chicks
The older ones are here: (public post, creative commons license).

The new ones are here: (not a public post since they are still a WIP).

Argh, it's late, goodnight. ^^
#chick #emoji

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I think "The Hardest Button to Button" by The White Stripes has one of the best music videos ever produced.

It's just so... weird.

"We Appreciate Power" is one of Grimes' best songs (and videos!) IMO.

Getting a standing desk was one of the best things I bought for my home office.

It's so nice to stand up at times. Next I should look for a more comfortable chair because mine is shit.

Near me three big surveillance camera towers have been setup in an effort by the city to put "dangerous areas" under permanent surveillance.

I really do not like this, and I'm 100% against it. Constant surveillance cannot be the answer. Today it's three or four areas, tomorrow it's the whole city.

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In other news I'm now drinking the bitterest earl grey ever.

> Me, making Earl grey
"Should I set a timer? Ahh no, I'll take the filter out in 3 minutes"

> Me, now, 20 minutes later

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Want me to teach you all of my #Mobile #UX design expertise? There’s still a few tickets left for my workshop on March 6, Brussels. You will learn how to build a usable user centric mobile app, from guerrilla user research to quick prototype and testing.

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